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Month: July 2016


My dream is to tell stories, to connect. I do this in fibers, in fables and words, with grace, hope and joy. Weaving my stories, connecting unexpected. The fringe, the fray–these seemingly useless disconnected bits.  From the chaotic corner of my memory, hard edges of science, math melt into art that is engineering and problem solving–soon these fables and fabric find a secure doorframe and take hold. Silently spinning, the spider spins a web–her hard work unseen, always moving–building, mending, tending to her web.…

Old Jeans, Seams and Dreams

Sometimes opportunity knocks, in the form of old jeans in need of new life–and with just a few hours to do the hack. I thought, if you give a fish, vs teach to fish… I have time to make a tutorial video on #snapchat. I spent about an hour doing the first pair BECAUSE OF THE VIDEO!!!  That pair was left with raw edge, but had reinforcement stitches (low tech, aka hand sewing) on the side-seams so pants…

Still the Same

These poems are proof, my natural born Audacity of Joy, is nothing new.   Simply smiling Slowly sliding Somehow saying Spring is here. -1983 Spring is ‘busting out all over Bluebird skies and sweet green clover You look at me-I look at you Old man winter left me so blue!   Longing for sunshine Hoping for springtime   Spring is ‘busting out all over Floating in the wind just a rover I drift away-I try to see…

Rejected (a fresh perspective and honest conversation)

The text below is taken word for word from a Facebook conversation that might not have occurred at this level if my blogposts were easier to respond to (my tech team is working that!).  I’ve not corrected any typos in the text below, and this is not out here as an example of perfect writing, but of real life conversation, with an award winning professional longarm quilter from Germany.  I’m honored to have received this feedback and…


super elite group with 3 very tough requirements–do you qualify? the fun…Want more FUN? Follow and like us:

Truth Be Told

  I put my website into a infinite loop not good   I got it out of the loop myself good   I found and added a team member with a technology focus smart Will my new team member like that I am open to talking about the behind the scenes? My blog and website are tools, not the “product”.  The secret ingredient is safely locked away.  Being willing to speak openly keeps that secret ingredient fresh. the…


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