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Month: June 2016

Southwest B55–First Class (part one)

Proudly, I share my tale of flying first class my way.  “Back in the day”, I started flying Southwest, before boarding numbers.  First, I gotta set the stage… Attending college in Baltimore, I jokingly would say that my parents moved to Texas, but I tracked them down, but that’s my Cuban humor in storytelling showing. The real story is that after my 2nd year in college, my dad took an assignment in Houston.  So west we went–it was our 2nd of…

fast fun with snapchat

At first I was afraid, I was petrified–snapchat is an odd tool. Sure you can sit with your back against the wall and watch others dance, cause when you first get out there, you might really feel like an alien being.  Honestly, I loved my first profile gif, at least I saved it, but now it’s gone.  That’s life, that what happens when you make a new one, the old goes away.  That’s not bad–manages our mess…

TBT-MIW (Throw Back Thursday, Make it Work)

Was that really four years ago, seems like just yesterday and also a million years ago.  Again, with great stuff on the horizon, almost ready to reveal!   The Memorable Truth I’ve learned along the way, paints a great picture.   share the fun…Want more FUN? Follow and like us:

Unleash the Beast

Sew Myself Doll is basking in her own egg chair made of a rope bowl, just like the Blue Bird of Happiness. OMA (Oh My, Alien) is crying Goldilocks tears that his bowl is too small!   On the wall is “Unleash the Kraken”.  The movie quote from Clash of the Titans is actually “Release the Kraken”–using a little creative license to evoke my “Superhero Strategies to Unleash Your Inner Awesome.”   This piece is blends my more whimsical MidCenturyModern, with some…


  • #snow at #westrivercenter #quiltcamp #quiltersofinstagram #maryland #quilting connections in thread 🐞
  • Watching #snow ❄️ thinking of sewing ✂️ 🐝🐞friends #handstitching binding ❤️wearing my button 👞@alegriashoes and #snowflake @smartwool socks
  • Must have rounded up from .3456 #numbers #numberscount #patterns

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