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Month: May 2016

Sew Myself Challenge anticipation

Congrats to the runner ups listed in the GenQ’s post I heard I am a top finalists, but I just won the gift of 3 new friends to follow on Instagram. Hope you are following them as well!     Such a fun adventure! Tempus Machinus      share the fun…Want more FUN? Follow and like us:

Media, Birds and Diversity

Social Media–yes indeed, you pull us in and hypnotize on cathode-ray tubes and across the airwaves, oh and on thin pieces of smashed up tree pulp dried and marked up with the stains of berries and inks. Didn’t our ancestors in 1992 warn about the drug of the nation–Breeding ignorance and feeding radiation So yes, everything changes, but does it?  In talking tools, my personal favorite is simply scissors.  I have about a 100 millions pairs–okay, not…

the sweetness of truth and stuff of heroes

When someone tries to describe a delicious dessert, words aren’t going to suffice–you have to try it yourself really appreciate the sweetness. I’m honored to have known some everyday superheroes.  I can try and describe how an everyday superhero unleashes their inner awesome.  But wouldn’t you rather have a taste yourself and tell me what you think of releasing your own awesomeness? Is it ok with you that I want us all be our own super-selves?  Not like Halloween…


  • #snow at #westrivercenter #quiltcamp #quiltersofinstagram #maryland #quilting connections in thread 🐞
  • Watching #snow ❄️ thinking of sewing ✂️ 🐝🐞friends #handstitching binding ❤️wearing my button 👞@alegriashoes and #snowflake @smartwool socks
  • Must have rounded up from .3456 #numbers #numberscount #patterns

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