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Month: February 2016

Happy Leap Day!

        Hey Friends! Sometimes a leap doesn’t land the way you expect, but in our mistakes a lot of learning and fun happens. Follow me at to watch my Facebook live videos.  Find me on most social media, I am FUNfromAtoZ.share the fun…Want more FUN? Follow and like us:

SuperFUN #leapday9pm

Cutting up, taking Leaps, Leap Year, Resetting and living a Superhero life means I need to dash away now! Make yourself at home here and look around if you dare.  On Sunday 2/28/16 during the Oscars but well before they announce they make the big announcements both Cheryl Sleboda and I will post details on how to jump on #leap day9pm  click here for the live event music by the fabulous Frank Parra  share the fun…Want more…

Spark of Science, Allure of Art

26 February 2015.  That Day, That Dress. A spark that ignited communication beyond the virtual work, into our day to day existence. The irony of duality—the prose I planned to be an essay, spilled out like silk cocoon, as my fingers danced on the keyboard.  For most of my life, I’ve stood in awe of those whose have lived through eras of drastic technological change.  My dad’s mom worked as a seamstress, her childhood had no Saturday…

Up-cycled Shopping Bag–Stylish Shopper

  Don’t adjust the volume – the first 15 seconds, I’m whispering–then I am loud (public service announcement!) PS- video is closed captioned. Directions in PDF AtoZsUpcycledBag_160222 Thanks for having FUN with me, please like and share to let me know you enjoyed IT! share the fun…Want more FUN? Follow and like us:

Festivals, Faculty and FUN

Life is a wild adventure.  I’m can’t contain my excitement–I’m so very honored and to serve Quilts Inc this year in the role of Faculty for 2016.  We are going to have a blast together, I have a nice line up of classes and lectures to share with you. QuiltCon is on this weekend–why not put a little Instagram challenge out there for all to play along.  Yep–I said ALL, why not? As people of the needle, we have more in…

Mardi Gracias

A nice treat on MardiGras to see my Lucky Needlecase in CutLoosePress’s Facebook post. Lucky Needlecase is a great excuse to practice a new quilting style–matchstick or other tight quilting looks great in this small scale project.  Do you practice on purpose?  I typically practice with a solid color and interesting backing.  The solid helps me learn and the fun side is forgiving! This nice Hoffman Batik tricks the eye – see my lines aren’t actually perfect! Ask your local quilts shop to…


  • #snow at #westrivercenter #quiltcamp #quiltersofinstagram #maryland #quilting connections in thread 🐞
  • Watching #snow ❄️ thinking of sewing ✂️ 🐝🐞friends #handstitching binding ❤️wearing my button 👞@alegriashoes and #snowflake @smartwool socks
  • Must have rounded up from .3456 #numbers #numberscount #patterns

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