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Eat Your Own Dog Food!

Look at what you serve to others and make sure you would eat it yourself!

me and Lucky 2004
Real is a respectful thing. Advice is a delicate topic. When welcome, it is a powerful tool. If not, it can be a soul-crushing blow.  I am fortunate to have served as a trusted advisor to a few folks. Nope, not saying who—remember "trusted"—that's for them to tell you! I ain't good at everything, but I know what good smells and tastes like. You don't need to do it all yourself to be sure you get really good stuff. If you delegate the cooking, you better be able to define what you want and then get out of the kitchen. If offered a taste, make sure you can describe how you want it adapted so that you serve up a dish that you would eat and proudly serve to your guests. You don't need to bake the bread yourself to make a delicious sandwich.

Find a good source, and trust your gut

In 2014, the butterfly that is Bonnie McCaffery morphed from being a seriously awesome Quilt Artist into a really noble profession—serving others! Bonnie began serving the quilting world as a photographer. She creates art that connects with that inner awesome. I laser-focused on her spark, and we had an awesome photo shoot. Awesome comes to those who seek it and work hard behind the scenes to make it happen. Life is not a spectator sport!
photo credit: Bonnie McCaffery

Tell 'em what you want!

Share your plan. As a total stranger I walked up to Bonnie and said "I don't want to look 'pretty'!" A much bigger request followed—"I want photos that show me as FUN, approachable, and real." She cracked up laughing; right then I knew, I found my photographer.

Trust 'em and give it your all! 

You pick an expert for a reason, trust them! While I was holding my glasses for a back-of-the-book photo, a server appeared behind us; and I couldn't contain my laughter. I could write a whole chapter on my experience of listening, doing, adapting and trusting while she took photos.   10257702_10203624292385180_5661325417921594643_n  

Use What Ya Got and Make it Your Own

Life is a beautiful blend of get the best stuff and use what you have.  I've used my photos for several good "sandwiches" cause once you find that good bread from the bakery, you BUY it, and get enough! Once you have the rights and the right ingredients you can make your own sandwiches. I have a bunch of formulas and recipes for Make IT Your Own (MIYO). BU BAWESOME LARGE.001 - Version 5Often, we females of excellent vintage are politely waiting for the invitation, the permission. Guess what? Life is DIY, give yourself permission! Dare you to guess why I wrote this blog post, the clue is on YouTube—listen to me talk about the real me.  

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