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Month: December 2015

A lot of Love

 Cristina Parra Walker created this watercolor painting of my dogs, Rocky and Lucky.  Love it!     share the fun…Want more FUN? Follow and like us:


Use what you’ve got and make it your own are not just about sewing! New stove in stainless, plus my couple year old fridge in black, then the dishwasher was “biscuit” or “bone”–til I faux steeled the dishwasher’s front panel.  Oak cabinets painted with General Finishes Black Gel Stain. Original formica butcher block counters circa mid-nineteen-eightys.  Backsplash of glass mosaic tiles, electrical outlet covers sprayed the old ones with Rustoleum’s copper hammered look. share the fun…Want more…


  Our tree with my art–Freedom in Forgiveness from @saqaart regional exhibit Tarnish 2014. “This textural piece explores the theme of tarnish as a patina protects the inner metal, forgiveness protects the human soul, in forgiveness we break the chains of sin, allowing true freedom to spread its peaceful wings.” share the fun…Want more FUN? Follow and like us:

3D and Me!

Ready, set, sew! Happy Weekend Friends! This on my sewing agenda! – Quick-n-fun tutorial on doll clothes made from weird stuff – Making it FUN session this Saturday 10-11:30 at Material Girls in LaPlata (join us)  – Nifty-Gifties for you to whip up in no time.  Plus work on: – Two-fers–one pattern, multiple creative projects.  – Cheat codes–level up and take your creativity into the next dimension with Fast-n-FUN tips!      Gotta run and sew up some…

Buffet of Life – audio podcast

Give yourself permission and take responsibility for what you are serving others and yourself in the buffet of life.   I’m practicing my own preaching of UWYG – using what ya got – so this is quick and messy,  I will figure out how to make my own podcast on iTunes – but not in the right here right now – I only have a few minutes and this works.  When I know better, I will do better.…

Eat Your Own Dog Food!

Look at what you serve to others and make sure you would eat it yourself! Real is a respectful thing. Advice is a delicate topic. When welcome, it is a powerful tool. If not, it can be a soul-crushing blow.  I am fortunate to have served as a trusted advisor to a few folks. Nope, not saying who—remember “trusted”—that’s for them to tell you! I ain’t good at everything, but I know what good smells and tastes like. You don’t need to do…


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