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Month: October 2015

Important to be Nice

Along with my Plays Well with Others theme I figured I’d share more secrets.  Last week’s fortune cookie said “it’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice”.  The best honor we can bestow on another human is to give our respect and attention. Our connections, our human to human interactions that’s what makes a person awesome. I am realistic enough to know I cannot always be awesome, but I will keep striving for…

See you soon!

         10/29  10-12 Dance the Facings Fandango – Open Studios – free drop in! Hall C, 100/200  1:30-2 Free Motion, Free Style and Free Stuff – Meet the Teachers – Free drop in (hall E back of aisle S&T) 4-6 More FUN, less stress, manage your mess! Open Studios – free drop in! Hall C, 100,200 Friday 10/30 11-1 Make it Your Own (MIYO) Demo at Cherrywood booth  3:30-4:30 Feline Fun or Playful Puppy- Make and…

experience with heros

As a baseball fan, I appreciate the in person experience with players. Sometimes I get an autograph, but never do I pay for one. I collect are handshakes and stories. My favorite questions to the ball players and coaches are about their hometown or who is their hero or their story. So cool to see this big guy get mushy about his mother single parent who is his hero, or why his parents named him after a…

Be Amazed

The smallest things amaze me.  Plus the biggest things also amaze and humble me, such as the simple setting of the largest star in our solar system.  Much like pizza, every sunset is good, some are amazing! Some of my favorite sunsets are from our trips to Bonaire in the dutch caribbean. Tonight marks the end of my first Quilt Market.  This trade show occurs the week prior to the International Quilt Festival, with some overlap of vendors/attendees, but…

TaDa! Misty Cole uncorks a new adventure

How cool is it that on my birthday, I am honored to announce and share Misty Cole’s new endeavor. Pick Your Brain Arts with Smarts Check out her website  Her first and last name together are 2 letters less than just my last name, see why my URL is Misty’s block of the month starting today of 2 lovely glass bottles. Her pattern is appliqué, but guess what?  You have permission! I have permission! Make it…

Dance the Facings Fandango

Drop by to learn the latest dance craze…oops I mean, a new twist on a quilt edge technique from my way back garment sewing days… Dance the Facings FandangoDemonstration Description: Gracefully spinning around the room, some quilts seem to float with a no-edge edge. Their facings wrap to the back, allowing the quilt to be the prima ballerina. Come for a quick lesson that will soon have you dancing the facings fandango.  2d paper art and photography…


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