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Month: August 2015

Making it FUN and hopping Back to School

click on the lower right of the video to go full screen Blended my intro to my Make it Fun adventures with the  Back to School Blog Hoppers.  I can’t wait to see the fun from these fabulous peeps! Sept 1: Peta Minerof-Bartos of PetaQuilts – So, Does that Diagonal Method for a Pieced Backing Really Work? Sept 2: Cheryl Sleboda of – The Quilter’s Knot Sept 3: Teresa Coates of Crinkle Dreams – The Importance of Pressing Sept 4: Cath Hall of Wombat Quilts –…

Be More in B’more

I toss around the y’all, love yellow roses, and drink Dr. Pepper, but I ain’t no Texan, hon!  I enjoy a well pitched game but it hurts when it’s against my Orioles. Even though 11 is my favorite number, 11 strikeouts just hurts.  This Bawlmer* Orioles fan says Nevermore! *Bawlmer is the correct way to say Baltimore, but if you must it’s “Bault (rhymes with vault)-ee-more” not Bal (rhymes with Val)-tea-more.  Somehow the more part people get…

Bucket List – soft sculpture pattern published!

For 7 years I’ve been secretly designing 3d patterns, knowing that someday I would publish 3d patterns. People from other realms (or at least other geographical locations) will create with my designs. I will be connected to people that I may never meet in real life. Today it got even more real.  At the bookstore, seeing the stack of copies of QuiltingArts Holiday with my three page pattern, I realized just how I excited I am about…

Evolving, oh yeah!

So maybe art quilting has moved past “emerging” as an art form, maybe “evolving” captures where we are as an art form. Punk Rock had an undefinable influence on mainstream music, as I would say that the Art Quilt has done the same for all Quilting.  But we are still evolving in becoming an established art form.  In my humble opinion (IMHO) when we are all still answering the question of what is an art quilt, its…

Bringing Joy, OMG!

Congrats to Old Men Grooving (OMG)! For bringing more joy to life, I hereby bestow on you membership in an exclusive club, the FUNfromAtoZ hall of fun.  Thanks for bringing smiles while you bust a move and do your performance art thing! Disclaimer: The “FUNfromAtoZ hall of fun” exists only in the virtual world, there is no actual tourist location. OMG, if by chance we meet in the real world, I’d love to sit down and share a laugh!  Keep bringing joy!…

Titles, Tales, and a Tree

What’s in a name (or a story), and role they play in art? Words can change our perspective.  A recent art group’s email thread was a conversation on abstract art, titles, and artist messages, and it reminded me of my tree and the choices I made. It was a story of love, so I almost used our initials in the tree, and realized I wanted to include the audience and draw them into the story.  So went with you +…

Charming Cacti

Charming Soft Sculpture pg. 40!!!  First time I saw the cover, I grinned and said “oh cool, other people are calling 3-d soft sculpture, just like I do!” I was even more excited to turn to page 40 and see that my cactus is that “charming soft sculpture!”  I bet that there is a special term for being listed with a page number on a cover.   One of my FUNfromAtoZ Laboratory testers, Margaret and me, just as she finished her lime green cactus…


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