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Month: May 2015

Inspiring your Mission

When I saw that Cloth Paper Scissors (CPS)’s blog included the full text of my article, I thought woohoo – fabulous – now my words and thoughts are out there for the free world to enjoy!  So, hello World! Inspiring others is kinda humbling.  I’m honored that my words have helped others find the strength in the silliness; to give yourself the permission to be you, and be awesome. I’ve love hearing your responses on the article on Mission Permission – thanks for…

2015 Spring Clean Your Studio Bloggers

Well not in their full glory, cause it’s not done yet…  But all 13 of us are in this in some way.  Check it out! – here is the movie trailer starring all 13 of us!  Watch if you dare! share the fun…Want more FUN? Follow and like us:

Gear up – Studio Secrets

Let’s go back to the past – to when the clean up started.  Shh, don’t tell anyone, but these secrets can be used for any clean up project… Parents teach your kiddos that  chores can be seen as challenges and games for them… more fun, less mess, bonus for you less stress!   If you are the “Kid”, here’s my secret to cleaning up, make it fun, make it fast, make it a game. Secret Number 4 – Super Speed!  If…

TaDa! Reveal day – FUNfromAtoZ Studio tour

Thanks for having fun with me! Here is the long awaited studio tour, please join me on this video tour.  You probably expected the “before” first, well… expect the unexpected.  Here is the reveal first… VIDEO is close captioned! Click the CC in lower left! What a transformation hanging my art and paring down to a few less colors throughout the studio.  I love my measuring floor (12″x12″ tiles), my Dr.Pepper colored seating, and my pottery bell…

Thinking Big – Studio Secrets

Masterminded by fellow superhero, Cheryl Sleboda, the “spring cleaning your studio” blog hop is on a roll.  My reveal is on May 14! Here is a secret… I started by thinking, not doing… Have you ever thought so hard that it made your eyes googly? Secret #1 – Dream – Think Big Years ago, I scribbled out some pie-in-the-sky big-dream goals.  Yep, really out there, big dreams. Like turning my studio into a collaborative workspace that was interchangeable like Legos…

Walk up music

Wouldn’t life be interesting if there was theme music in the background?  That way we would know when to be afraid like the sound from Jaws, or the playful cartoons set to classical music.  In baseball, as a player walks up to the plate to bat, the song that plays is his “walk up music”. What would be a good walk up song?  As a goalie, I used to sing Gloria Gaynor’s “I will survive”.   Well, only…

May the Fourth bring you Hope

I’m a big fan of Princess movies, especially ones that give you a new hope.  No, not the Princess Bride… which is a fun movie with memorable rhymes and lines.  Nope, cause hope comes from a deeper stronger force.  Wisdom, from that small green teacher, I seek.  StarWars, the eternal battle of good and evil. As “May, the Fourth” approached this year, the theme of fear is also in the air.  Fear is not what this world needs.…


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