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Month: April 2015

▶ Spring Fling, do I dare? sneak peek at before

  Tis the season… Well, the season is Spring, and it’s Spring Cleaning Time. I’m calling it “Spring Fling” sweet a nice rhyme… tis cleaning time! The FUNfromAtoZ studio survived the winter, but was deep in stuff, dust and in need of a spring clean.  The creative process is such an interesting journey, sometimes it requires a pause, a step back, re-group and to come back strong.  My studio is a workspace, and when my artwork changes, sometimes bit of alteration is needed.…

Practice like a Toddler

  The video is my tip, seems like a good way to share the fun.  I was in a Handi-quilter class, I was doodling along with Susan Jungerheld.   I cracked myself up, when I hand wrote a hashtag…  #practice So I pondered the word “practice”.  Funny, now that I don’t play a sport, I forgot the time commitment, the late hours and the sweat involved in practice.  Instead, I recall: the fun, the friends, the learning, the repetition, and the repetition,…

Superfan Shines On

If thread can make you happy, then you know my excitement when my 1pound of thread arrived.  This spool is such a beast, it’s turned the smaller spools into just  “swooning sewing supplies”; as they faint at the sight of this big ole spool of strength. Publicly professing my passions… not just admitting my adoration for alliteration, specifically stating I’m a superfan of sewing strings, that typically talked about as thread. First I met Rainbows… (this is where I need to…

Eyeball Bender 2

You are invited to take a closer look, what do you think these images are? Guess, then scroll down for the answers. Keep scrolling Just aBit further downFor the solution … Edit   From top left, around clockwiseFootball with 1/4 panel peeled away, found on a walkClose up of my circle Swatch watch, pointing at my articleRosemary sprigs on grilled pork chop, delighted but I left my doggie bag at the restaurant 🙁Fancy KraftTex monkey boots on top of my Permission SlipGlowing…

Close Friends with the Written Word

“If you would tell me the heart of a man, tell me not what he reads, but what he rereads.” ― François Mauriac I’ve been close friends with the written word for many years.   I think it’s in my blood.  At my grandparents house, right off the kitchen was a room with a wall of books, and a dark leather sofa.  I imagine that my mom’s folks, would sit and read together in the evenings. I know some may…


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