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be you and be awesome

be you.001 We only use 10% of our brain as humans, but we don't have to limit our awesomeness to only 10%.  Does our grey matter keep us from comprehending and accepting just how much of the goodness we each hold? We see those who we admire, and we want to be like them.  In the last few weeks I've heard "I admire you" a few times, "oh I want to be like you."  Seriously? How boring would the world be with just one color of hair (that's a wig!), one flavor of ice-cream, sports game with just one team, one single book or just one solo musical note. I think as humans, it's easier for us to see the awesome in others.  I was honored to witness a friend re-awakened to glimpse of her awesomenesOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAs.  I saw the joy explode in her and the sparkle in her eyes return. She had just asked me very politely, if it wasn't too personal what had inspired me to take this leap and return to my given name.  I told her a story of a young girl, a schooteacher and the young girls name  - but it wasn't my story, it was hers.  When she realized that she was the star of the story that influenced me, the spark lit in her eyes, like a 1000watt lightbulb.  My eyes filled with joy and salty water.  Life is hard, I hope I spread some joy. A favorite line of mine from the Princess Bride is "life is pain".    It's not stated in a negative manner, more in a WYSIWYG manner.  Did you pronounce that wiz-ee-wig? If not click here.   Where I work, we like to pronounce our acronyms, not spell them out, so it's natural that some might read ATOZ as Ah-tus which sounds like a bad cough.  Aye-2-Zee is how I say it, bless you. I've had nicknames in my life, "Lame Ame" did rhyme nicely, but is not very inspiring.  Other names like "Charmin" - I didn't get it...  and just a few years ago I learned it was actually "Charming", but with a thick-Z of a Spanish  accent, I never heard the G. I grew up thinking it was that TV commercials with Mr Whipple.  So when I started with the 4 names together, sometimes the middle 2 get initialed.  Makes me a household name - on grocery lists everywhere, "T.P.".  I've got a soft absorbent sense of humor, and there is definitely more than one-ply to who I am and how I roll. Wanna know joy?  Stare into the eyes of your demons and surrender into the joy.  Fear less, live more. Life is hard, we all have to roll with it, a-to-z_logo_7but we don't have to be rolled over by it! Thanks for having fun with me, pass it on!       "Be you and be awesome!".  See if you can find this line in my MISSION PERMISSION, Last Word article in the April/May Quilting Arts
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