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Month: March 2015


WORDS that make you smile as you say them. There’s room for more, submit your entries below.  So the only rule to play is, pick a word that is an actual word, bonus points for definitions.   Enjoy, delight, revel! Qualms Foibles quaff ONOMATOPOEIA (such a great superhero word! and so fun to say) Boobialla. As in creeping boobialla (Myoporum Parvifolium) it’s a plant not the other variety which is a shrubbery! moist quirky – kudos to my dad…


  Found these lovely and well loved tomato pincushions, wonder what stories those pins would tell?  How about them tomatoes? PINS.. Love em, have them, but like recipes. I don’t typically use them – honest truth!  But when it’s crucial, yes indeedy-I-do make a point to use pins. Much like gravity, what goes up must come down – any pin you put in, must come out! When I can use my fingers and snug up seams, that’s my favorite non-pin…

Seriously, not too

On Facebook, I updated my profile photo to one of my awesome photos, from my photoshoot with Bonnie McCaffrey.  I think it’s my serious look, very grown up, professional looking face.  Love it, but have to admit that this photo totally goes against my “philosophy” of putting really odd and ugly photos of myself out there… I always want someone to see a photo of me, meet me and say “wow, you look better in person”… Part of…

be you and be awesome

We only use 10% of our brain as humans, but we don’t have to limit our awesomeness to only 10%.  Does our grey matter keep us from comprehending and accepting just how much of the goodness we each hold? We see those who we admire, and we want to be like them.  In the last few weeks I’ve heard “I admire you” a few times, “oh I want to be like you.”  Seriously? How boring would the world be with just…

the FIRST last word

  Open up the April/May 2015 edition of Quilting Arts Magazine and check out my article on MISSION PERMISSION, the LAST WORD article on the last page.  Quite fun, if I do say so myself, which I kinda just did. Will hit the newsstands this week.  If you can’t wait, and would like to  purchase your own copy go to gazines-quilting-arts.       Wanna hear me in my own voice?  A podcast just for you, from me, AtoZ…   thanks for having fun…

Sew No Evil, Sock Monkeys!

Last years retreat’s Sock Monkeys have a message for you about the Best Little Quilt Show at my local quilt guild, Southern Comforters (aka SoCo). My monkey is the Quilt Police Sock Monkey Name: Cowboy Monkey Current Job: Sheriff of the Quilt Police Hobbies: Cactus Gardening Signature Look: Ropebowl-hat and Kraft-tex boots Favorite storytelling website:      share the fun…Want more FUN? Follow and like us:


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