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Oh My! Holidaze

20140930-224753.jpgGive us your tired, broken and yearning to go to the bathroom.  Seriously, don't we all need a room we can rest in? I found a quiet spot tonight in front of a dark TV screen.  Since the cable box on the living zone is misbehaving, my studio is now a hockey watching zone...

Silent night

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In the last few weeks, there has been catching, leaping, time slowing down, and the lost being found... - My big catch was some sorta bug.  I think I've fully shaken it.  Anyone else have evidence that humans flu can adapt to the computer species?  Or did I get it from the machines? - I took the leap and jumped on the Apple cart, I've been assimilated and now adapting from my-crow-soft ways - On the topic of leaping ... I challenged gravity - proud to say the final score was 3 bruises vs a whole flight of stairs - honestly I'm calling that a big win for me! LESSON LEARNED... wet snow boots should be removed before climbing hard floor stairs.  I have a college degree in Physics, I should know better! - Um, on the topic of snow boots, my ski pants shrunk... can we just leave it at that? - My trusty, over the door, wall clock in my work office NOT BEHAVING so trusty today!  Tomorrow, I'll feed her a fresh battery. - I did have some great finds... okay, just my own stuff previously lost (mystic topaz earrings, some green paper with faces of historic Amercian men, my Yoda lunchbox with a herd of magnets... those were some of my fav finds) The quiet peace tonight was broken by the loud sound of emergency vehicles. Living in an older neighborhood, I feared it was for one of the grandmas across the street.  Saying a silent prayer, thinking that  my misadventures are so insignificant in the larger picture of life. I ran to the door to see what was the matter, when to my surprise... the siren didn't have any sad news, in fact it was quite jolly.  A white bearded man dressed in red,  waving wildly from the fire engine... and to all a good laugh! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA wishing you happiness, health and humor!          
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