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Month: November 2014

Amalia Parra Morusiewicz

Just a human, not to be labeled by it. Art, I create. Stories I relate. Spirituality, Sci-Fi, Sports, Science are all great. But I am more… More-ah-see-wits, Amalia Parra Morusiewicz, fun from A to Z. Join me as I live it, love it and laugh a little along the way.share the fun…Want more FUN? Follow and like us:

Birthday recap 2014

Ya know I manipulate time so that I get more than just 1 day for a birthday.  Feel free to do the same yourself.  My birthday month starts September 15 and ends on November 15 – yep, bonus – cause birthday month is 2 months long!So this year during birthday month (lots of circular stuff): Both of my hometown teams still played baseball into October Bloodmoon Lunar Eclipse New Handrail by Steve Baker of Whollyterra “Guitar” quilt…

Festival Fun – it’s the people

The International Quilt Festival in Houston is an experience each time.  The quilts are stellar; the gadgets, gizmos, fiber and fabric from the vendors – hypnotic; the learning opportunities – bountiful and the people… oh, the people,  they are the life of it.  To borrow from Misty Cole’s “It’s not the House” “it’s the people”… Fiber connects us – people near and far – even those who attended by “proxy” as the work of their hands, eyes,…

Flamingos, Freedom & Fun

With great freedom comes great sacrifice.    Thanks to all our Veterans and their families.  Hats off to you! On the topic of hats… got a fun new “old” hat during my adventures at the International Quilt Festival in Houston. So great to see my friends at Festival, like Judy Gula from Artistic Artifacts in Alexandria, Virginia (basically my neighbor in the DC metro area!) Flamingos, bet you are wondering why this is about Flamingos.  Ya know…

Tempus Machinus

Don’t you want a Time Machine?  Got one, but it’s in a traveling exhibit.  Isn’t that perfect? A time machine that is traveling?   Sworn to secrecy until the exhibit first opened (Oct 2013)… well um can I get that time machine so I can post this in Nov 2013 instead of 2014… Serendipitously,  now I can share that Tempus Machinus and its friends in the Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA)’s Text Message exhibit will be hanging in…

Dia de los Dientes

Every family is pulled together with special customs.       As the oldest of three Cuban-American sisters, I’m honored to carry on my father’s tradition of a customary pilgrimage to the dentist after pulling out a crown by eating Halloween candy. Adding to my list of candy that pulls out crowns… orange slices jelly candy! Thanks to Dr.Park, I’m smiling again with my crown firmly attached and  an appointment scheduled for November 2 of next year!share…


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