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Amusements… what’s in a name?

Just a silly thing to post on my 4 dozen birthday!  Hope you all had a great day!  Here I am with the sis named Cris, in the way back times before we were the sisters three. Sitting on steps is so me, another story for another time...  Today story is all about silly names, this photo adds a few silly names to my list: Eileen Onpoarch Citton de Steppes   Here's my original list of 12.   I wonder have you ever met... Miss Anne Thropy Miss Bea Haven Mister E Mann Miss Tay Kenidentity Dr Eng DeBooks Sarah Endipity Kat E. Wampuss Paul Ish Silver Neil B Foremee Paul Tree Hewmoore   I know you must be shaking your head now and saying ... Lord E. Laurdy! Ewegotta B. Kiddenmee!   Do you have any to add?
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  • Such fun! Yesterday popped by #alpacafestival in #howardcounty @alpacajoyofmd thanks to @greenbridgepottery for sharing the info! Still on today 11/13/17
  • Joy is Just Right! Loved seeing these sweet beasts @alpacajoyofmd
  • How does IG handle landscape

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