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Kryptonite, the beginning of a theory

So here's the beginning of my theory... kryptonite... that thing that zaps our strength, taking us from superhero all the way below "average" ordinary mild-mannered human to just barely surviving and powerless. So when I'm affected by my kryptonite, I am powerless, and I need others... Uh,oh!  We humans don't like that very much... We prize being self-sufficient, independent, powerful... accepting help is a weakness... acknowledging weakness is a weakness... talking about weakness is a weakness... Uh, oh forgot to add in premise #1 - we are all superheros... play along with me... So if we are these unique superheros, with unique potential powers... my kryptonite isn't the same as yours, and some people's kryptonite is only found is a far off land and hidden in a lead-lined cave, so they seem to have all the strength and don't have much struggle. With power comes choice.  Use power for good, we call you superhero,  same power directed differently used for evil, now we call you supervillian.  Kinda like a tool or a weapon - it's how you use it.  What about the idea of vulnerability as power? compassion? So we all have power and we have choice.  So the question that Glinda the Good Witch asks Dorothy Gale, "are you a good witch or a bad witch" is a reasonable question to ask, realizing that there is power,  power is power either way... Totally oblivious to their power, some folks walk around carrying  a big ole chunk of Kryptonite in a pocket, or maybe wearing a big shiny emerald ring and feeling pretty exhausted... Such a pretty stone - pretty is good, right? how can that be bad - especially when I see you with all your superpowers wearing a necklace of kryptonite... what does that mean about me, how can I possibly have powers?  What about when I walk around unaware that I have a huge hunk of spinach in my teeth? I don't know it's there, but that green stuff sure keeps me from being powerful. How do we step up to the great responsibility of this great power?   Right now, I'm going to wield my power by fixing dinner... So factoid  of the day... Billie Burke six years prior to playing Glinda the Good Witch, was Millicent Jordan in  "Dinner at Eight", and yesterday my 3D art was accepted into "What's for Dinner" that is juried by the Dinner at Eight Artists. Interesting huh?        
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  • being brave we nurture our future, treasure the love and teach without bias. My respect to all those parents and kids of the last sixteen years who rebuild trust and hope while ensuring safety in these uneasy times--where a smile can seem rude or callous on q day of pain. I smile that all those who give aid, that they feel the love, that unending awe , that honors their sacrifice #bernesemountaindog #bmd #moon #patriotday #parents #teachers
  • Baysox Season ended -- top of the ninth on day nine of month nine on this my twenty-ninth year after school. My words spill out in cadence with Giamatti's GreenFields. This game evolved, the minor leagues fly through games in under two hours. Pace of the Game rules in action. Pack up Baysox until next spring, to restart that pattern of life, and hope. @bowiebaysox @milb @ballislife #sports #lifelessons

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