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Month: August 2014

Kryptonite, the beginning of a theory

So here’s the beginning of my theory… kryptonite… that thing that zaps our strength, taking us from superhero all the way below “average” ordinary mild-mannered human to just barely surviving and powerless. So when I’m affected by my kryptonite, I am powerless, and I need others… Uh,oh!  We humans don’t like that very much… We prize being self-sufficient, independent, powerful… accepting help is a weakness… acknowledging weakness is a weakness… talking about weakness is a weakness… Uh,…

Eight – a very loopy number

Yep, I am still amused by numbers!   Today is day eight of month eight  – I’ve always liked double numbers like 11, 33 – but never really thought about the number 8 until now… Nope it’s not a prime number, but 8 is a Fibonacci number Did you know that you need 8, we all do… take a deep breath and look on the periodic table at atomic element 8, Oxygen. so in the beginning, well my…


  • #snow at #westrivercenter #quiltcamp #quiltersofinstagram #maryland #quilting connections in thread 🐞
  • Watching #snow ❄️ thinking of sewing ✂️ 🐝🐞friends #handstitching binding ❤️wearing my button 👞@alegriashoes and #snowflake @smartwool socks
  • Must have rounded up from .3456 #numbers #numberscount #patterns

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