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Month: October 2012

Bucket List – Radical Elements!

Submitted my portfolio registration for the SAQA Radical Elements exhibit!A first – my very first ever entry to a SAQA exhibit – and my first ever portfolio entry – they select based on views of artist’s work, then artists make something specifically for that exhibit…AND (happy geek artist dance)…the theme is the Elements of the Periodic Table – how could I not enter this exhibit! Leaping into the 47th year of my life, and I’m artist number 47…

Ten Eleven Twelve! Number, order and humor!

Happy eleventh of October in 2012.I love numbers, order and humor – and some things we get honestly. Yesterday my Dad celebrated the 71st anniversary of his birth. Always good to acknowledge the numbers in order to maintain your sense of humor.  My Dad’s mom was one of my first role models for aging, humor and creativity.  She had a sense of humanity that I appreciated as a child.  I always felt like she saw me as a…

Try-angle Trees and Cutting Tool Clouds

Can you see I’ve been having fun? Imagine yourself skiing thru the fall colored trees and looking up to see the clouds forming shapes?  Perhaps you should keep your eyes on the ski slope while skiing!Went to the Sewing  Quilting Expo at the Dulles Expo Center this weekend.   I was so fortunate to be a passenger and I wanted to get my “stitching on”.  So at 8:30am Saturday realized I needed some handwork to take.  Found the…

Series-ous Fun, process, lessons and confessions!

Saturday at Deborah Boschert’s classSmall Art Quilts: Designing a Series   my goals for the day included:SIMPLIFY –  spending more time sewing and less time agonizing… so when the supply list called for 6,  I brought only 9 – not 39!SEW MORE – selected the “4 sided angular shape”as my design element (maxing my design time and maxing my time to sew, by cutting out the extra cutting time!) HAVE FUN – fun to work at something that…

Series-ously on a mission! reveal

Seriously on a mission!  from Deborah Boschert’s class Small Art Quilts: Designing a Series  I am very pleased with my four-sided angular shape motif throughout the series top row from left to right Mission Church                                  Raise the Flag                     Twin Towers bottom row Eleven                      Power of 3               Home is where the weeds are… Circles in background are repeated in the curvaceous weeds and the alien flowers roundishness.   The open frames in the Power of 3 is simple…


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