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Month: September 2012


How to pick the perfect font?  Wow, that’s like saying how do you pick the perfect outfit – where are you going, what will you be doing, what are your personal preferences?   Do you want to stand out, blend in, have layers? The perfect outfit for a morning spent hiking in the Grand Canyon is so different than for a evening at an artist’s reception. Things to consider to make your font, font-astic… Shapes Angular, curved Weight…


POSSIBILITIES, these are the parts to our creativity. For years I would find something interesting and pick it up.  Okay, you can call it trash, but I saw possibilities, ideas and inspiration.  Like isn’t this an interesting piece of metal, plastic… I am trying to be more environmentally aware, so when you purchase anything, look and see that it’s got some plastic or metal dohickey attached to it–that’s the thing that I look at it and as a scientist and…

Seasons of Sewing

cool mornings, warm days… makes me wonder which way to go! I’ve got 2 traditional quilts that need binding and I’m looking forward to some handsewing time under a warm quilt.As the earth revolves around the sun, while rotating, I think of my evolution as an sewing artist too… Birthday month introspection!Throughout my school days, I doodled echo lines around words.Later, I sewed garments, curtains, reupholstered furniture, machine embroidery… then I fell in the rabbit hole of…

Goals – time to stop blocking them

Fall is sneaking up on us, with promises of a new year. My thought turn to goals, dreams and aspirations. Goals – I should be an expert on this!Why not, I’ve spent time in goals, I’ve blocked them, dove on them, let them in (disappointingly) but rarely made them.  I’m talking sports of course, favoring defensive positions in field hockey, indoor field hockey, camogie, and ice hockey where I really was protecting the goal.In sports, art and life, I…


Reading Twyla Tharp’s book, The Creative Habit, found the line “creativity is augmented by routine and habit”.I know my 12 days experiment added some routine and habit, but when it ended that ended too.  Hmm… I need to change something about that! Location 268. 5 fearsshare the fun…Want more FUN? Follow and like us:

Edges – is there no end to the madness?

I shared the 12x12x12 with my informal art quilt group, Metrothreads last Saturday.  I meant to share some lessons from working small, and I realized that I got caught up in the fun of show-n-chat and may not have given specific details as promised on tips for working smaller… I’m sure there are a lot more tips for working small… but here’s a couple that jump out at me.. SCALE & VALUEScheck out the 12x12x12 in miniature……

Frivolous Swivelous!

A new favorite tool (especially for cutting freezer paper stencils!)Fiskars Fingertip Swivel Detail Knife Gotta be the swivelLook for the purple handle – the one with the other color handle and larger blade doesn’t swivel – both have the same finger loop style.Really good for any cutting that needs smooth curving edges – as if you were writing with a pen.  A little different in how you hold it, but I find it more natural than the…


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