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Month: June 2012

12x12x12 lessons

Stock up on Wonder Under when 1/2 price at Joann’sSet up 2 sewing machines so can go between free motion and sewing/piecing 😉 if you have at least 2 machines why not. Please don’t take this as an endorsement of overmachination. I’m down to 3 machines from a high of 5, not counting my serger and my needlefelting machine -if count those and I am back to 5 and if you count the treadle it’s six, but…

Make It Work – Reveal day 12

You heard my trials and tribulations yesterday. I didn’t know what I wanted to “make”. I knew I wanted to “make” something. During this Dozen Days, on my design wall is pinned an index card with “Make It Work” scribbled on it.  I totally believe in the power of positive thinking.  How many times in this Dozen Days did I use something that existed before, where I had invested time and effort then found a way to…

Life on the Edge – revelations of day 11

Screech go the tires!After putting the first 10 days quilts up on the design wall, I sat back and took a good look.  First I was happy, enjoying my creations and then SLAM my creativity hit the proverbial brick wall. All along, I had been smart in putting away previous days quilts.  Seeing it up there didn’t give me a clear canvas, an open mind or any space for creativity to fill.My OVERTHINK started up in overdrive.…

Boone Moon – Reveal Day 10

  Gelatin Plate printed the negative of a fern with light green metallic paint on Paprika kona (great name for a spicy color)*!!! I looked around sewing studio for suitable background fabric – auditioned a few, then boom boom boom like the moon moon moon, I looked over on the back of my sewing chair I had draped this fabric print that I bought – well I copied my friend Linda Boone who had just bought the…

"Tag you’re it" – Reveal Day 9

I think I finally made “it”…  everybody talks about “it” cause they want “it”, well I’ve got “it” now!If you think I will live “it” down or stop “it”, you really don’t know me… Imagined a quilt made of clothing labels* Saved clothing labels for “it”*,and  was given clothing labels* (receiving them in the mail, in person, via messenger; and yes, I will still accept more, this is not my last label quilt) Created light colored applique…

Dragon – Reveal Day 8

 Based on a sketch from spring 2011   Fused background fabric to Freezer paper for stability Wavy S shape drawn with Sewline Air Erasable pen Circles drawn along the line using the Staedtler Professional Combo Circle template Colored in the spheres with Tsukineko Inks blending rainbow colors and adding some spherical shapes Accidentally used steam when setting the inks, and got a nice smeary effect on the red to oranges and teals (interesting effect – may need…

Bloom – Reveal Day 7

I love my flower cogs (flogs), I find these to be a happy shape. I love when Art makes me happy!  Many happy mornings were spent watching Bob Ross painting happy clouds.  Again I diverge, but wait, isn’t divergence part of the journey?  So I take this moment to thank those who came before and inspired me and taught me I can be myself and I can be silly, you don’t need to be what others think…


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